Graeme White of Canbet – The Rules of Tennis

Graeme White Canbet is a tennis enthusiast who enjoys the sport from both a spectator standpoint as well as a player. He likes the competition on the clay and embraces it as a fun way to exercise. These days he is much more of a watcher of the sport, and always finds the time to catch all of the world’s most high-profile events. Below, he shares some of his wisdom on the rules of the sport.

Graeme White CanbetFirst, the game can either be played with one player on each side or two players on each side. Each player has a tennis racquet and there is only one ball in play at a time. One player is assigned to serve throughout a game. A game ends when the player or players from one side score four or more goals and are at least two points ahead of the opposing side. Once one side has won at least six games and is at least two games ahead of the opponent that is the end of a set. A match is won through one of the teams winning the most sets, like in a “best of five” scenario, for example.

The game is played on a rectangular clay court with lines drawn over and a standing net in the middle. The ball must make it over the net in order to get to the opponent’s side, and then it is only allowed to bounce once on that side. The opposing player must then return it by hitting the ball within the lines back on the other side.