Graeme White of Canbet Discusses Why Kids Should Play Sports

Sports have always been a huge part of Canbet’s Graeme White’s life. Ever since he was a child, he has loved to watch, play, and be a part of sports in every way. With all the technology, some might wonder just why kids should play sports today? Graeme White,of Canbet believes there are several reasons to get children started in sports very early on.

Exercise. Video games and the internet may keep the kids behaved and occupied for a time and may even teach them something new, but they can’t simulate exercise. Getting out to play a sport helps keep kids healthy and instill good habits at a very young age, like they did for Graeme White of Canbet.

Graeme White Canbet

Graeme White Canbet

Leadership. When kids excel at sports, they are often able to take on team leader roles. They learn how to direct plays, motivate players, and work hard as a result. Graeme White has 35 years experience as a gaming consultant and points to his relationship with leadership and sports for this success.

Teamwork. Graeme White from Canbet also suggests teamwork has played an integral role in his success. Children involved in sports are much more likely to understand and appreciate the benefits of working together and respecting the other team members. This could be a priceless asset later in life.

Graeme White of Canbet realizes not all children will take to sports like he did, but still considers experience in athletics to be a valuable life lesson. Even if your child doesn’t do well playing, persuading them to sign up for a school team or just a neighborhood team could make a difference in their lives.


Graeme White of Canbet on Going to the Caribbean for Business

Graeme White of Canbet has been to the Caribbean multiple times, but usually for business. While it is nice to be able to go to meetings or meet new clients in a different setting, there usually isn’t a lot of time to take in the scenery or relax. Graeme White of Canbet suggests there are several ways in which you might be able to sneak a little vacation in between work hours!

Graeme White Canbet

Graeme White Canbet

Try to get up early – much earlier than necessary to make it to the first business part of the day. A great way to start the day is to take in the sunrise, sampling local produce for breakfast. During this time, Graeme White of Canbet avoids checking email or texts so he can enjoy the solitude. Suggest to other business associates or clients to meet or have lunch outside. Set up under a cabana to discuss new policies or sign contracts. It might not be considered professional to be wearing swim trunks, says Graeme White of Canbet, but at least fresh air and music will reach you.

Schedule your flights to arrive very early on the first day and leave very late on the last day. Even if the business trip is short, it’s possible to have some fun after or before flights. Be sure to choose your flights to afford you the most time to take a drive, swim, or just sip a drink in a beach chair like Graeme White of Canbet does. With these tips in hand, a business trip can indeed become a mini vacation!

How to Turn a Love of Sports into a Career with Graeme White of Canbet

While there are many sports that Graeme White from Canbet enjoys, rugby is one of his favorites. Growing up, Canbet's Graeme White became enamored with watching the exciting sport with his friends. Rugby offers a lot of spectators, like Graeme White of Canbet, an adrenaline rush as they watch players run the field, battling their opponents for a chance to win.

Graeme White Canbet

Graeme White of Canbet believes the most rewarding career is one that you truly enjoy doing. He has been lucky enough to experience this himself working as a professional gaming consultant for the last three decades. For some people, this involves acting, singing, or debating. For others, though, their goal is working in the world of gaming and sports. As Graeme White of Canbet explains, it is all about finding your niche in the industry. Here are some tips from Canbet’s Graeme White on how to succeed in the world of sports.

Play to Your Strengths. According to Graeme White of Canbet, this could mean literally playing the game well or using other skills. Those who excel at writing could seek a career in gaming journalism, for example. On the opposite end, people skilled in numbers and statistics could follow in Graeme White of Canbet’s footsteps on become a gaming consultant. Sports require all kinds of people from umpires to physicians, and it’s really just about figuring out what you are good at.

Go to School. Whichever path you choose to become more involved in sports, be sure to get a solid education. Not only can this provide and edge over the competition, it can help fine tune any natural skills you already have. Even if the goal is to be a member of a professional team, an education is a priceless asset for a future in sports.

No matter what your desired position in sports may be, Graeme White of Canbet suggests perseverance and hard work are the two best factors in making it happen.