How to Turn a Love of Sports into a Career with Graeme White of Canbet

While there are many sports that Graeme White from Canbet enjoys, rugby is one of his favorites. Growing up, Canbet's Graeme White became enamored with watching the exciting sport with his friends. Rugby offers a lot of spectators, like Graeme White of Canbet, an adrenaline rush as they watch players run the field, battling their opponents for a chance to win.

Graeme White Canbet

Graeme White of Canbet believes the most rewarding career is one that you truly enjoy doing. He has been lucky enough to experience this himself working as a professional gaming consultant for the last three decades. For some people, this involves acting, singing, or debating. For others, though, their goal is working in the world of gaming and sports. As Graeme White of Canbet explains, it is all about finding your niche in the industry. Here are some tips from Canbet’s Graeme White on how to succeed in the world of sports.

Play to Your Strengths. According to Graeme White of Canbet, this could mean literally playing the game well or using other skills. Those who excel at writing could seek a career in gaming journalism, for example. On the opposite end, people skilled in numbers and statistics could follow in Graeme White of Canbet’s footsteps on become a gaming consultant. Sports require all kinds of people from umpires to physicians, and it’s really just about figuring out what you are good at.

Go to School. Whichever path you choose to become more involved in sports, be sure to get a solid education. Not only can this provide and edge over the competition, it can help fine tune any natural skills you already have. Even if the goal is to be a member of a professional team, an education is a priceless asset for a future in sports.

No matter what your desired position in sports may be, Graeme White of Canbet suggests perseverance and hard work are the two best factors in making it happen.


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