Graeme White of Canbet Discusses Why Kids Should Play Sports

Sports have always been a huge part of Canbet’s Graeme White’s life. Ever since he was a child, he has loved to watch, play, and be a part of sports in every way. With all the technology, some might wonder just why kids should play sports today? Graeme White,of Canbet believes there are several reasons to get children started in sports very early on.

Exercise. Video games and the internet may keep the kids behaved and occupied for a time and may even teach them something new, but they can’t simulate exercise. Getting out to play a sport helps keep kids healthy and instill good habits at a very young age, like they did for Graeme White of Canbet.

Graeme White Canbet

Graeme White Canbet

Leadership. When kids excel at sports, they are often able to take on team leader roles. They learn how to direct plays, motivate players, and work hard as a result. Graeme White has 35 years experience as a gaming consultant and points to his relationship with leadership and sports for this success.

Teamwork. Graeme White from Canbet also suggests teamwork has played an integral role in his success. Children involved in sports are much more likely to understand and appreciate the benefits of working together and respecting the other team members. This could be a priceless asset later in life.

Graeme White of Canbet realizes not all children will take to sports like he did, but still considers experience in athletics to be a valuable life lesson. Even if your child doesn’t do well playing, persuading them to sign up for a school team or just a neighborhood team could make a difference in their lives.


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