Enjoying Sports, Even When it’s Your Job According to Graeme White of Canbet

Finding a job in a field that you love, like Graeme White of Canbet did, is a dream come true for most people. But over time, it can become trying to do the same thing every day no matter how much you originally enjoyed it. No matter how long Graeme White of Canbet has worked as a gaming consultant, he believes his enjoyment of sports will always be with him.

Whether you are a reporter, a player, or a consultant yourself, it is important to keep your private and work lives separate. That means, when you’re watching or playing a sport on your own time, avoid thinking about work or the ways it might relate to work. Graeme White of Canbet focuses on the game at hand and lets himself become completely involved.

Graeme White Canbet

Graeme White Canbet

Graeme White of Canbet also suggests trying out new or different sports to keep things fresh. Don’t always watch football or only go to rugby games. Open your horizons to a variety of sports, especially if you are a player yourself, because it provides cross training as well as a way to unwind from a long day of working at your other sport.

These tips apply to any job where personal enjoyment and a sense of business combine on a daily basis. You owe it to yourself, says Graeme White of Canbet, to not allow work to become stale or too much of a chore. This can help prevent you from becoming burned out before you ever reach your prime.