The History of the Football World Cup and Graeme White of Canbet

Football, known in some parts of the world as soccer, has always been a favorite of Graeme White of Canbet. This is partially because the game is so much fun to watch, but also because of the history behind it and its famous World Cup. Both the game and its storied past have kept Graeme White from Canbet interested for a lifetime. So, just where and how did the FIFA World Cup start?

The very first competition at an international level was played in Glasgow in 1872 between Britain and Scotland. The match was a 0 – 0 draw, so no one won the game. Years later, in 1884, the first edition of the British Home Championship took place. Graeme White of Canbet often amuses himself by looking through pictures of early players and comparing them to the players of today.

Graeme White Canbet

Graeme White Canbet

It took a little while for the sport to take off in the other parts of the world and for many years was only seen as a demonstration sport in the Summer Olympics with no medals given. But, once FIFA was founded in 1904, things started to slowly take off, says Graeme White of Canbet. The first several attempts to start an international, professional competition for football flopped and it wasn’t until 10 years later that FIFA found success in the Olympic Games.

That was the momentum FIFA needed to successfully have a Wold Cup event, which was hosted in Uruguay 14 years later. It may have had a slow start, says Graeme White of Canbet, but football became increasingly popular once people realized the potential of a professional competition between nations. The World Cup has been immensely popular ever since.


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